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European Board of Intensive Care Medicine

Membership of Board

The EBICM consists of equal representation from the Multidisciplinary Joint Committee for Intensive Care Medicine (MJCICM) and the ESICM. The ESICM, as the primary specialist organization for ICM in Europe, has three non-voting places in the MJCICM, the presidential posts. The MJCICM otherwise consists of representatives of nine sections: anaesthesiology, cardiac surgery, cardiology, internal medicine, neurology, neurosurgery, paediatrics, pneumonology, and surgery. These disciplines will therefore be represented in the Board if they so wish, counterbalanced by an equal number of representatives from the ESICM. The ESICM Presidential posts will be included in the Board via the ESICM quota. If all speciality sections require representation, the EBICM would thus have 18 members.
Furthermore, 9 additional members from the European Societies of Anaesthesiology, Cardias Surgery, Cardiology, Internal Medicine, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Paediatrics, Pneumology and Surgery (one member/Society) will complete the EBICM.
The 18 members of the MJC ICM and the European Societies of the above primary specialties will have one vote per discipline (9 votes in total). The ESICM elected members of EBICM will have 9 votes as well. The 9 votes of the MJC ICM/European Societies can be used in absence of each other member.


President MJC ICM

Prof Michael Sander

President ESICM

Prof Jozef Kesecioglu

Current members


 Prof Michael Sander

Cardiac surgery




Internal medicine





Prof Eberhard Uhl


Prof Jean Christophe Mercier


Prof Antonio Artigas (ERS)


Dr Joseph Galea

ESICM Past President

Prof Massimo Antonelli

ESICM President

Prof Jozef Kesecioglu

ESICM President-elect

Prof Maurizio Cecconi

ESICM Secretary

Prof Lui Forni


Prof Armand Girbes


Dr Pascale Gruber

ESICM Elected member

Dr Gumersindo Diaz

ESICM Elected member

Dr Max Jonas

ESICM Elected member

Dr Maria Theodorakopoulou

ESICM NEXT (guest) Dr Bjorn Weiss

PWG (Guest)

Dr Aurimas Peckauskas

CoBaTrICE Chair (guest)

Dr Ignacio Martin-Loeches


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